DVMSE proudly launches its CBD line of products.


The Disabled Veterans Medical Supplies and Equipment LLC (DVMSE) enhances the body’s natural healing processes by establishing a highly protective physiological environment, and by furnishing essential nutrients needed to heal damaged tissues. These integrated elements serve to close wounds faster, lower the risk of infection, minimize scarring and reduce bleeding.

The DVMSE System provides a moist wound environment, with low pH and trace elements essential for healing, and has yielded 100% antimicrobial results over the Global Gold Standard wound treatment in clinical studies. 


●  Wound Healing System is highly effective for  externally managing  lacerations, post-operative (surgical) wounds, grafts, partial and full-thickness wounds, burns and ulcers (diabetic, venous stasis, pressure). Results have demonstrated a 60% accelerated wound closure and healing and significantly reduced wound scarring, as compared to Global Gold Standard wound treatment. 


● FDA-approved hypoallergenic and non-irritating products allow use without toxicity or side effects, and can be used on most mucous membranes. The Wound Solution may also be used as a wound cleanser to remove foreign matter, bacteria, and tissue debris.  This is particularly important in emergency medical or disaster relief scenarios, where the patient or victim’s allergy or sensitivity history may not be available.


The Wound Management System initial U.S. Government product line consists of:


-- Wound Cream:  Provides needed moisture and trace elements essential to the healing process.

-- Wound Sterile Solution:  Sterile Wound cleaner and debris remover, while providing essential moisture

    subcutaneously, a low pH environment of 3.6-4.0 with a buffered triple acid formulation and trace elements

    and minerals, used in conjunction with Wound Dressings with administrative portals.

-- Wound Spray:  A spray for cleansing and irrigating wounds.


DVMSE Equipment and Supplies consists of:

-- Medical Supplies

-- Dental  Supplies

DVMSE Services consists of:

--  Precision Medicine Laboratory Services

--  Screening Services

--  Equipment & Supply

--  Wind & Solar Equipment

--  Medical Benefits Packages



Disabled Veterans Medical Supplies and Equipment LLC (DVMSE) is an Columbia, Maryland based limited liability company with website: www.dvmse.com. DVMSE has established innovative product development and commercialization collaborations with industry leaders.

We are proud to continue to serve the US military,  it Veterans,  and the World.   Our mission is to provide the very best of the commercial market to support our war fighters and supporting communities. 

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