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Promising, Side-Effect-Free Coronavirus Development: 

Partner with DVMSE for Phase III of a Clinical Trial

Getting a coronavirus cure has been the goal of many governments, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and organizations. Even the WHO consistently provides coronavirus cure updates that there is no current COVID-19 treatment. However, DVMSE has been able to produce a treatment for coronavirus. And it has worked successfully in over 1000 people during its first two clinical trials.

This promising cure for coronavirus comprises a reliable and tested combination of medications that provide a synergy effect. Largely, it has been able to protect the immune system of humans from coronavirus. Within 30 hours, an infected person recovers and tests negative.

Unfortunately, US Coronavirus cases today exceeds 5 million (out of the 19 million coronavirus cases in the world) with over 165,000 deaths and more than 2.6 million recoveries.

Now, this coronavirus cure update may sound too good to be true. But various international scientists and health professionals at DVMSE have received the license to introduce this treatment to the United States.

However, bringing this new cure to the US can only be done after the Phase III of a clinical trial has successfully been conducted. Then the COVID-19 treatment will be officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe, practical, and effective cure for coronavirus.

What is this Promising Coronavirus Cure?

In a bid to produce a coronavirus cure which can kill the virus in the human body, a group of scientists have partnered with the team at DVMSE. The result of intense and thorough examinations brought about the creation of a plan that can treat coronavirus.

How does it work? Using Physical Therapy Diagnosis, patients at the advance stage of COVID-19 are treated every 6 hours. Following the introduction of the treatment, the virus dies and the patient gradually gains full recovery within a maximum of 30 hours.

The availability of this new treatment for coronavirus means that the rate at which people die from Coronavirus can largely be controlled. Besides, many drug makers are aware of the high demand for drugs to cure the notorious virus.

Nevertheless, many treatments have not proved lasting enough to cure the American populace, let alone be released to a greater population of the world.

Hence, our goal at DVMSE is to provide the United States with a lasting coronavirus cure that can save lives and restore our great nation to peace and calm.

Results of Previous Clinical Trials and Successful Treatments

According to CNN, researchers at Duke University have hinted that over 60 million doses of antibody treatments would need to be produced to cater for every American with severe Covid-19.

But this would take at least a year and there are claims that only a vaccine that address this dilemma without taking so much time.

With this newly designed coronavirus cure, over 1000 people have been successfully tested. Human trials were conducted in Europe and Asia and a 100% success rate was recorded.

What makes this more intriguing is that there are no side effects to this coronavirus cure. The implication of this is that when patients recover, they do not have to live in fear of future health challenges with their lungs or other organs or systems in their body.

Moreover, finalizing the testing of this coronavirus cure would imply that policymakers and governments get a lifesaver. One that minimizes the death of frontline workers as well as the elderly who die due to minimal access to ventilators or weak immune systems.

Yes, it is true that the disease mostly affects people with vulnerable health conditions. Despite this, getting a treatment that saves lives can gradually reduce the worst effect of coronavirus on Americans and the world at large.

Why do We Need a Coronavirus Cure Fast?

Think about the nightmare that infected persons have to live through. From needing a breathing apparatus and feeling terribly sick to losing their sense of smell and feeling like their chest is being blocked by an elephant-weight discomfort.

These signs are usually accompanied by other harsh coronavirus symptoms including extreme weight loss, low-grade fever, intense headaches, and more. Short-term memory loss, vertigo, shortness of breath, and scary heart palpitations also make these patients feel like they are dying.

Having to experience some or all of these symptoms from 2 weeks to more than a month could indeed be traumatizing for many individuals.

This is why veterans at DVMSE, a United Nations Certified Vendor, are partnering with international scientists to provide this Coronavirus cure. It has been clinically tested to save lives and leave them with no single side effect.

The Phase III of a Clinical Trial: A Call to Partner with a Hospital, Clinic, or University

Two earlier clinical trials have proven this Coronavirus cure highly beneficial to treating coronavirus. In fact, DVMSE has received the license to introduce the treatment to the United States. Nonetheless, a phase III of a clinical trial is urgently required by the FDA to approve its availability and usage.

Without full endorsement and validation that this coronavirus cure is a lasting solution to the life-threatening virus, many lives will continually be lost to this disaster.

This, therefore, leads to our search for a hospital, clinic, or university that is eager to partner with us to conduct this third testing – the phase III of a clinical trial.

Based on historical data, this third clinical trial should last 60 days. We can anticipate that its findings will be in tandem with earlier results.

Yet, we are willing to follow the ideal procedures to ensure that this coronavirus cure passes every stage of testing and receives full endorsement from the FDA.

DVMSE is open to negotiations with hospitals or universities that are prepared to carry out this final testing. We understand that conducting a Phase III trial will require the most stringent conditions and a higher number of people.

Usually, 33% of medications make it to Phase III, according to the FDA. And around 3,000 participants will need to be tested to prove that this Coronavirus cure is a safe and highly effective treatment.

The Bottom Line

To a great extent, the success of any medication relies on phase III trials. To this end, introducing the latest, side-effect-free Coronavirus cure to Americans and the global world is hinged on a successful third clinical testing.

Partnering with a reputable hospital, clinic, or university is currently our goal at DVMSE. So far, we have sold over 500 million gloves and are in contract of over 1 billion masks for this cause. This is besides other medical supplies that we provide to hospitals, government organizations, and healthcare facilities.

We are optimistic that this phase III of the clinical trial will emphasize the safety and effectiveness of this promising coronavirus cure. And together, we can save millions of lives in the United States and around the world.

Overall, our goal is to get a cure for coronavirus. People need to live their lives with more certainty and not be restricted by lockdowns.

For partnership on the phase III testing, visit our contact page. Reach out to any of the contact persons listed on the page or send an email to sales@dvmse.com