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OPGX PGx Tests- Oncology PPE (OPGx)

$1,450.00 $1,425.00

OPGX PGx Tests- Oncology PPE (OPGx)
Doctors Orders Only

Next-Generation Sequencing: 
Test the Tumor
Lab provides comprehensive, intuitive panels that are specific to tumor types. 
Rapid, straight  forward sample preparation protocols 
Customized, cancer-specific panels
 • Laser-capture micro-dissection isolates tumor DNA from samples as small as ~10 ng, significantly more advanced than industry standards 
Cancer hotspot panels available: ~2,800 mutations in 50 oncogenes Benefits 
Reduced cost of sequencing
 • Easy access to molecular pathologists to discuss clinical implication of test results 
Improved chances of treatment success

Pharmacogenomic Testing: 
Test the patient
Establish a clear understanding of the patient’s potential drug/drug and drug/genetic interactions to build the most effective and safe cancer treatment plan.
 • Cheek (buccal) swab or blood-based tests
 • Evaluation of a patient’s metabolic profile based on commonly prescribed cancer drugs and supportive care drugs 
Assessment of drug sensitivity levels 
Identifies patient’s optimal dosing regimen 
Identifies patients with potential severe adverse drug reactions 
Alternative drug assessment available for the most commonly utilized drugs in pain management
Improve patient’s therapeutic effect 
Increased  patient compliance 
Eliminate “trial-and-error”medicine 
Reduced adverse drug reactions and liability